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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the supported minimum requirements for accessing the Member Portal?
A: The Member portal should work with any computer or device platform capable of running a modern standards compliant web browser. Web browsers tested include Mozilla Firefox, webkit-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari, Android web browser, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and higher. Other web browsers may also work, however if you encounter problems using a web browser not listed here, please try one of the web browsers listed above.
Q: Why can I not stay logged in permanently, and how long can I remain logged into the Member Portal?
A: Sessions currently expire after 1 hour from the last page request. We expire sessions after 1 hour to help keep your data secure in case you forget to log out and your computer is accessed by another party.
Q: What security measures are in place on the Member Portal?
A: The Member Portal uses SSL/TLS to ensure that all data transmission is encrypted and secure.
Q: Will I receive a PDF copy of my submitted Annual Member Report or tracked CPD hours?
A: No, this data can be accessed year-round through the Member Portal so it should not be neccessary to have a seperate copy. If you would like a paper print-out of any page including the Annual Member Report or CPD tracking, simply click the "Print this page" button found at the bottom of the Member Portal.